Northern Landscape Committee

The Minnesota Forest Resource Council (MFRC) was established by the Minnesota State Legislature in 1995 to “develop recommendations to the Governor and to federal, state, county and local governments with respect to policies that result in sustainable management of forests in the state.” The MFRC utilizes Landscape Committees, made up of engaged local conservationists and stakeholders, who then oversee the development and implementation of their respective region’s “Forest Resource Management Plan.”

The Northern Landscape Committee's identified regional goals and forest conservation concerns are:

  • Economic; Maintaining A vibrant economy capable of sustaining the Northern Landscape’s population and communities.
  •  Social; Retain a landscape with a distinctive identity where residents and visitors have a strong sense of place and that fulfills social needs.
  • Ecological; Plan and manage to maintain a viable, healthy functioning ecosystem on the landscape, by managing forests towards the potential of what the land can produce and sustain.

A comprehensive explanation of how these goals were determined and MFRC and the Northern Landscape Committee’s ongoing strategies and projects to achieve these goals can be found in the “Northern Landscape Forest Resource Management Plan” by clicking the link above.